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Our vaporizing vaporizer blends are very well thought out to be true medicinal apothecary style formula meant more for positive results than aesthetics or taste for instance. That said, our CBD Vape Oil Cartridges are relatively translucent with a vague orange tint from the spectrum of cannabioids and terpenes and actually tastes earthy-good. We begin the formulation with an all natural full-spectrum botanical extract from U.S.A. domestically grown non-GMO industrial hemp tested clean and for high cbd potency. It’s important the food-grade cbd paste material be free of volatile organic compounds and microbes such as mold and be relatively wax free and free of elements that will combust when introduced to the heating element. This is essential to ensure the vape fluid is safe to inhale. Our cbd vape oil is food grade and can be used orally and topically as safe off-label uses.

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