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First thing you should understand is that Hemp Is Not Marijuana. Hemp is the non-psychotropic variety of cannabis. Interestingly, many medical edible cannabis concoctions have been used safely for hundreds of years here in the United States. Only negligible and undetectable amounts of (THC) tetrahydro-cannabinoids appear in hemp and our hemp products which only contains less than <0.3% of THC. The point is that Hemp does not cause THC to enter the body and by that definition the FDA considers Hemp Food. Truth be told hemp never had the same psychoactive elements like marijuana which can contain 20% or more! The upside is that we have a natural alternative to medical marijuana products without the legal issues because Hemp is legal in all 50 States.Hemps Pets® hemp infused pet snacks delivers real cbds called cannabinoids which are essentially phyto-nutrients to support your pets need for a natural medicine. There are many nutrient active elements in Hemp in fact the main one is CBD or Cannabidiol, but also there are minute amount of others equally important. CBN, CBC, CBG Our beloved pets, like us, have internal systems ECS that use the powerfully active constituents of hemp to nourish itself. Research shows eating hemp oil and hemp botanical extracts may feed the endogenous cannabinoid system and contribute to healing a whole host of aliments in our pets. HempsPets discovered it could harness the wholesomeness of hemp and create a viable way to bring it to your pets too. Hemp has a number of amazing natural elements like, terpenes and flavonoids, et. Many of these active constituents are well known to have therapeutic value and promote healing.

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