CBD Cannabidiol Hemp Oil Pastes

CBD EssenceĀ® CBD only Hemp Oil Bulk Paste is gently Decarboxylated and comes from organically grown industrial hemp plants which naturally have a significant CBD content. Grown in sustainable fashion on unspoiled tracts of land in Europe, then introduced to proper CO2 extraction. Resulting is the true ESSENCE of the plant, a wholesome botanical extract of the original plant and Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils and other compounds of the original plant, just as nature intended. Percent by volume of this batch (v/v) is 10% and a great begin point to make capsules or tinctures. *Please tell us if you would like in a glass jar or Oral Dose Syringe packaging.

This heavy green and gold paste is similar to the Rick Simpson Oil Medicine or Rick Simpson cannabis oil which is essentially Medicinal Hemp Oil. Turns out our body uses the active constituents inside hemp as a powerful phyto-nutrient food source because it knows exactly what to do with the oil once it enters the body. This is why profound health effects sometimes follow the taking of good and clean hemp oil like CBD Essence Brand. For Bulk discounts call Don at 1-800-280-2347.

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