CBD Hemp Oil Vaporizer e Liquid – 420mg CBD e Juice


1oz (30ml) Amber Glass Bottle and Dropper with 420 mg Cannabidiol (CBD) Content minimum, high CBD potency vape e Juice Blend with 15mg/mL of fast-acting CBD Oil formula for getting the health benefits of Cannabidiol and the effects of CBD Oil without THC.  Use this big refill to reuse our CBD oil cartridges and keep vaping to reduce anxiety or other sudden onset stress or trigger of a traumatic event from www.cbdessence.net

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Smooth and Creamy CBD Essence® Hemp Oil Vaporizer Liquid comes from domestically grown industrial hemp plants which have a significant CBD content.  Grown using sustainable methods on pristine tracts of land then introduced to the proper CO2 extraction. Resulting is the ESSENCE of the plant, a wholesome botanical extract (resins) of the original plant and a Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils and other compounds of the original plant, just as nature intended.  Vaping is the fastest way to administer CBD Oil into the body when you need fastest results.  We recommend the button-less battery & cartridge system because we have confidence it will not over heat the special eJuice to a point of combustion.  All Natural Food Grade Ingredients are always used in a standardized process and stabilized formulation.

Ready to Vape as is (has natural caramel flavor) or flavor to taste ! Hemp oil and vaping CBD oil e Juice is for purely medicinal use without giving brain fuzz like pot or causing a positive THC test result.  Many veterans with PTSD and smoke shop owners get bulk CBD vape juice supplies from www.cbdessence.net.   This is a purely cannabis alternative medical marijuana product.  Users report an immediate inclination towards stress reduction and relaxation when using this product.  Please be aware of your surroundings before becoming too relaxed. US National Library of Medicine | National Institutes of Health Article says: “Many of the published studies suggest a decrease in PTSD symptoms with cannabis use”

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Additional information

Cannabidiol (CBD) Content

800 mg

Other Ingredients

Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Stevia.

Bottle Size

2 oz (60 ml)

Type Of CBD Hemp Oil

EU Certified Industrial Hemp Varieties

Hemp Cultivation Method


CBD Hemp Oil Extraction Process

Super-Critical CO2

Customer Reviews

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CBD Hemp Oil Vaporizer e Liquid - 420mg CBD e Juice

As excellent as ever!

I’ve reviewed a number of products now, from CBD Essence, and others. In fact, I consider myself a CBD Full Spectrum test subject. I’ve tried nearly all the major brands, and recently scoured the web for other full spectrum brands after my last review I posted here on CBD Essence of the 840mg/60ml vape juice (same product as this one, just a larger size).

I just needed to be *extra* certain and wanted to see if there were ANY other brands that rivaled my experience so far with CBD Essence.

Conclusion? There are none! Not by a long shot too. And I’m not sure what it could be, either.

I’ve looked at the lab test reports of the other brands, and they appear to hit all the right boxes as far as various cannabinoid/terpene content, but for some reason simply do not have the effect that CBD Essence, and in particular my favorite product of theirs (this 420mg/30ml and the 840mg/60ml vape juice) seem to have. I FEEL it. It really is a *significant* and verifiable effect. It’s not going to be the same couch lock and psychoactivity as if you smoked a j, but it’s the closest thing to it, while remaining legal across all 50 states.

I can show the many email purchase order confirmations I have of all the various CBD products I’ve tried. I’ve tested all of them so YOU don’t have to. Don’t waste your time or money on other brands. I’m 420% confident this one will not disappoint.



great service, fast shipping, great product!

Impressive service and product

I was a bit disappointed at first since the pen stopped charging after a week but it was replaced without question and I have to say the first pen was defective period, low charge and bad burn.
The replacement exceeds my expectations and I am very happy with the product now. I really like the nutty flavor I can now enjoy.

The best

Amazing product!! Over exceeded my expectations. Fast delivery. It helps my pain management I suffer from a back injury and arthritis it really helps. Tried other cbd vape oils and this by far is my favorite!