120 CBD Edible Hemp Oil Capsules – 4,200mg

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🗸 120 CBD Medicinal Hemp Oil Capsules
🗸 35 mg Cannabidiol (CBD) Content per Capsule
🗸 Highly Absorptive Liposome Formula
🗸 Quicker /Fuller Bio-Assimilation

Ingredients: Non-GMO Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp Botanical Extract emulsified with Coconut Oil and Sunflower Lecithin.



🗸 Highly Absorptive Full Spectrum Formula (Refined over 3 Years)
🗸 Produced in Small Batches for the Highest Quality & Consistency
🗸 Only The Best Natural & Organic Ingredients for Maximum Potency
🗸 Third Party Lab Tested

CBD Essence® Medicinal Hemp Oil Capsules comes from organically grown industrial hemp plants which have a significant CBD content. Grown sustainably on pristine domestic farms then introduced to the proper CO2 extraction. Resulting capture is the ESSENCE of the plant, a wholesome botanical extract of the original plant and Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils and other compounds of the original plant, just as nature intended. CBD Essence Brand Apothecary style formulas that really works. The dark gold Capsules are specially formulated as a colloidal emulsion for highest absorption. Other oils are lost in the stomach acids but our formula is specially liposomal to overcome this issue. It also means that our formulas work better and are more potent than our competitors. So if you have tried CBD before but wasn’t impressed this formula is more likely to work for you .  

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Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Cannabidiol (CBD) Content

4,200 mg

CBD Content Per Serving

35 mg

Number of Servings


Serving Size

1 Capsule

Other Ingredients

Organic virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Sunflower Lecithin in a Liposomal Formula.

Type of CBD Hemp Oil

EU Certified Industrial Hemp Varieties

Hemp Cultivation Method


CBD Hemp Oil Extraction Process

Super-Critical CO2

Bottle Type

Amber Plastic Bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
We love this stuff!

My husband has been taking this CBD oil in capsule form for over a year to help in his overall natural treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. This stuff has literally been a miracle for him and I'm not sure what we would do without it!

Great product

I'm an insomniac who is sooo very happy to be sleeping.


please do not send me unsolicited emails. If you continue I will stop doing business with you and discourage my friends


120 CBD Edible Hemp Oil Capsules - 4,200mg

Helpful for Depression

I bought these hemp pills for my husband, who has chronic, horrific, Major Depressive Disorder. He is on several antidepressants. He has tried therapy. He has tried Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Now he has tried these hemp pills. No single treatment has been the cure, but everything helps a little. These pills have helped keep his Depression levels even, which is so much better than having bad days among the few good days. Perhaps the hemp just makes the prescriptions more effective. Not sure why or how they work, but they are helping. And anything that helps is a fantastic thing.